Michelle tells her students ‘get out of your head and into your heart’, this mentality is infused in all she teaches. I cannot think of a more important lesson in life. Michelle provides not only fantastic training but astounding perspective for her students. She teaches about process, not just product- so students are not saying lines or sing a song they are learning to be artists and creators. The mind, body, spirit connection is a priority in all of her classes- this makes for an incredibly honest, loving and uplifting atmosphere unlike anywhere I have ever been. As a teacher Michelle is encouraging, passionate and has a way of bringing the best out of her students. Michelle has so much to offer, and I personally have grown in a million different ways from being her student. She has been inspirational and dedicated from the start and I am so grateful for everything she does.
– Haley Yacos – Dance Instructor

I have known Michelle for over 12 years now; I started out as a camper and had worked my way up to junior counselor with the StageStruck Performing Arts Camp program. Working with Michelle is nothing short of unique and wonderful. The amount of love, energy and attention she gives to each and every one of her students is truly exceptional and no doubt the mark of a genuinely caring, loving and talented person. Though it has been several years since I was last a counselor for her, Michelle and I have never lost touch and her support has never wavered. To this day Michelle is always looking out for my better interest and makes opportunities possible for me and I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am for that kind of a support-system. Michelle is a wonderful woman and teacher and I know she will continue her legacy of support and encouragement of young artists everywhere for years to come.
– Ellen Scariati – Singer

Michelle has one of the most unique approaches to music that I’ve come across in my professional career. Her “whole body” concepts help the musician by not only being in touch with the music, but by being in union with the world, and mostly oneself. Her passion while practicing or performing causes each musician to look forward to every breath, every note, every day, and every moment. She’s both a talented performer and educator who demands the best from everyone who surrounds her and strives to help them achieve that goal.
Joe DeVico
Drummer, Composer, Sound Designer

Michelle has the ability to zero in on a student’s problem and come up with a complete solution to not only eliminate the problem but help a student improve by leaps and bounds. I’ve never met someone who could do the same thing. Michelle is a wonderful teacher and a huge influence. She is great!
– Will G. Apicella – Professional Actor

Michelle is an amazing teacher, friend, and inspiration. She puts her all into everything that she does, and encourages her students to take risks and step outside of our comfort zones. There is no other teacher as passionate and supportive as Michelle. She is dedicated to each and every one of her students, and the growth in each of us is truly remarkable. Without Michelle, I would never have the passion for singing that I have today. No words can describe the amazing ways that Michelle has helped me grow as a performer and a person.
– Kelly Cole – Singer

Michelle is my mentor. She has taught me so much in the time I’ve known her. I got to know Michelle as I got to know myself and she is the loudest, craziest person I’ve ever met! But she’s also one of the kindest, most caring and understanding people too. Michelle is a part of my life forever and without her, there’s no way I would be where I am today. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
– James Cunningham-Curry – Singer and Songwriter

Michelle is a beacon of love to all around her. She inspires her students to reach their full potentials even though it may take time for her students to realize their full potential. At times she can be crazy, and she may frustrate you when she has so much faith in you and you have so little in yourself, but at the end of the day she will change your life whether you like it or not and she will make it better. And like the sun her love will shine warmly for as long as you are around to bask in it.
– Jamie Currie – Guitarist

Michelle is the most inspirational woman I have ever met. She has taught me to love and appreciate all that I have to offer. She has instilled in me ways to not only sing and act, but also ways to live my life in a creative way. Her passion and enthusiasm have helped me grow into the singer, performer, and individual I am today. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me, and all that she continues to do for me.
– Allie Mannarino – Singer and Musical Therapist

I have been with Michelle 11 years and I owe a great amount of my success to her. She broke me out of my shell at a young age and brought me way past my comfort zone. Michelle has always been a great supporter and has never stopped believing in me. Without her, the arts would never have remained such a huge part of my life. Now I am pursuing a dance career and could not thank her enough for all the love and support she has provided me with over the years.
– Samantha Scarpa – Dancer and Yoga Instructor

Michelle is the reason I am the performer I am today. She has always been there to back me up, push me to my limit, and inspire my imagination. Though it was difficult to fit the arts into my hefty and chaotic schedule, her magnetic energy kept bringing me back to class. I consider her more than a teacher; she is a life coach, a mother figure, and a good friend.
– Liat Yael Kastner – Singer and Peace Activist

One of the strongest teachers I’ve ever had, Michelle Oram not only pushes her students to work to 100% of their potential, but also prompts them to pursue new horizons on their own as well. Everyone should have a teacher like Michelle in their lives.
– Mike Saccento – Musical Theater Performer

In my short time at your school I saw countless days of you running on empty just so the kids could have a full experience. You’re the best.
– Dave DeVries – Freelance Artist and Illustrator

I have always felt that Michelle truly believes in me. She provided me with the training and confidence I needed to get into the college of my dreams.
– Stephanie Kenna – Singer and Songwriter

What always amazed me about Michelle wasn’t just her amazing singing voice, but her ability to teach and pass her skill down through her students.
– Ollie Bernstein – Guitarist, Vocalist, Bassist, Composer

Inspiring. Motivating. Inventive. Hilarious. Never a dull moment. There is nothing that can stand in the way of Michelle pushing you to hit that note, land that role and ultimately reach your goal.
– Joshua Fraenkel – Senior Marketing Director at Jam Theatricals

Any performing arts teacher can teach you to sing, act, and dance. Michelle has taught me so much more. She has taught me to be a confident person who can reach for the stars and do anything I set my mind too.
– Ariel Weitz – Actress

Michelle Oram carries her passion for healing into every aspect of performance. Dedicated to vocal health, she uses her instrument to communicate love and empathy to her audiences and her castmates. Working with her inspired me to utilize my full body in my musical storytelling, honoring the power of breath and connection.
Alex Keiper, Actress, Singer

Michelle is an amazing teacher and her direction was solely responsible for getting me into acting school when I auditioned many years ago. She saw things in me I was incapable of seeing in myself. Without Michelle I doubt I would be a professional entertainer today. She’s the best!
– David De Vito – Professional Comedian

Michelle has a passionate gift for connecting with her students and emitting her love of music through her training techniques. As a young performer, Michelle gave me ample opportunities to challenge me beyond my comfort zone, while validating and encouraging me to use the strengths I possessed along the way. She created a safe space for all of her students, allowing us to explore and grow in ways we never thought possible. Regardless of your story outside of her classroom doors, Michelle used that story to empower us to become the type of performer and person we wanted to be, rather than what the world thought we should be. 
Lori Anne Travers, Kindergarten Teacher, Coles Elementary School

Working with Michelle was transformative for both my voice and spirit. Before Michelle I  worked with a handful of private voice teachers, none of which were able to unlock my personal singing style while still teaching me  professional technique. Within just a few short weeks working with Michelle’s methods I had progressed considerably. Using Michelle’s unique technique that heavily emphasized working with the breath, I was able to sing confidently in my upper range which for years had been difficult for me to access. Michelle goes beyond just the technical and also focuses on the spiritual side of finding your voice. She helped me access emotion and my personality during my performances, and made singing a therapeutic experience.
Solana San Pietro
Singer and Fahrenheit 212 – Commercial Strategy Analyst


My time with Michelle has changed how I experience music and singing for good. Her teachings offered music as a deeply personal and meditative practice; as a unifying shared experience with other vocalists; and as an expression of one’s self through movement and breathing. Some of the most powerful (musical and healing) moments of my life were during our group vocal meditations: I still have yet to encounter something as succinctly beautiful as a group of singers sitting in a room, eyes closed, humming, vocalizing, and harmonizing with one another. We were completely free to enjoy the sounds flowing through us, both as individuals in a space, and as a collective. Michelle’s presence and guidance fostered an unforgettable creative and healing space for my friends and me, and I’m extremely grateful for the time I spent as her student.
Hayley Lugg
Singer, Actress

I would consider Michelle Oram to be my greatest mentor as a musician. She is the reason I do music professionally. From an early age, Michelle not only instilled in me excellent technical practices as a vocalist and performer but also showed me how to get out of my shell as a person and help me develop into who I am today. To this day, I still call her asking for advice on how to address anything from singing challenges to personal obstacles to career roadblocks. She is a lifetime friend and inspiration. I still use all exercises her and ideology and have since passed many of them on to my own students. Michelle is someone who’s changed the lives of thousands of students who otherwise would never have had their voice heard. I’m so thankful to have Michelle in my life.
Alex Charles Sugarman
Singer-Songwriter-Composer-Producer at Warner Bros. Entertainment

Michelle is absolutely inspiring to work with. She is a true artist who guides and encourages other artists, including myself, to grow into their full potential. I am thankful for the experience to collaborate and create with her!
– Sara Scheller,
Illustrator for Songs of the Woods

“Michelle came into my life right when my voice started changing. Not just my physical voice, but my artistic voice as well. Her vocal prowess, emotional sensitivity, boundless energy, and intuitive ear for storytelling were exactly what I needed in a director during those tumultuous teenage years. I feel so grateful to have her as an illuminating supporter and inspiring collaborator, and know hundreds of other artists, young and old, who feel the same way. Thank you, Michelle!”
Keith Harrison -composer-producer-performer

Michelle first “touched my soul” many years ago when we worked together directing musicals and performing cabaret. She has always been and always will be a good friend and inspiration to me throughout my life and musical career.

She even performed excerpts from “I Do, I Do” at my wedding reception in 2001! We have also had a lot of fun together laughing and eating sushi over the years. Yes, Michelle exudes confidence, joy and passion to the delight of everyone she meets.

Not only is Michelle a vocal artist and actor of the highest caliber, she is also a compassionate mentor to young performers, guiding them musically and spiritually on their chosen pathway. She truly understands and emphasizes the importance of vocal health, implementing yoga and relaxation techniques at every opportunity.

Ever selfless, she goes out of her way to provide young people with many chances to perform in a variety of venues. She has always believed in “paying it forward” and will do almost anything to nurture others in this very competitive and difficult field of music performance.

Because so much vocal damage can be avoided by using proper techniques, Michelle’s upcoming book will be of much value to singers of all ages for whom it’s integral to know how to correctly use their voices and breath. Namaste, here’s to peaceful yet powerful performances!

Susan Braden, M.M. Mannes College of Music
Professor/Vocal Coach, County College of Morris
Pro piano/organ accompanist, music director, horn player. NYC tri-state area.